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Welcome to Catholic Clip Art! This site is a collection of links with introductory text to collections of Christian and Catholic Clip Art collections, images, icons, and graphics. Please keep in mind that we are always looking for new resources to add to our collection, and help make Catholic Clip Art a useful resource for those who are looking to find images and graphics for their website, fliers or any other design need.

Christian Clip Art Sites

Gold Clip Art - Gold Clip Art has a collection of Christian and religious icons which have been designed to resemble as they are crafted from gold. The icons are nicely done, and can be a useful and eye-catching for use on a website.

Catholic Doors - Catholic Doors has a small collection of icons made of paintings and art. The icons are small and are most suitable for use on a website. These icons are probably most suitable for use as paragraph markers or section markers on a web page. Of course who's to say that you can't come up with a more creative way to use them? :)

Two Heart Design - Two Hearts Design is a website which offers graphic design services, but also has a section of free Catholic Clip Arts. This is a large collection which offers a categorized list of clip arts and graphical images. They are offered free of charge even though the site itself offers design services.

Catholic Doors - Catholic Doors itself does not offer clip arts and graphics, but what it does have is a large collection of links to sites that have a wealth of Christian images and graphics.

True Catholic - True Catholic offers a large selection of downloadable collections of Catholic art. These collections are categorized and are easy to download. Even though these images d not qualify as clip art, they are a worth while addition to our growing selection of Catholic clip art resources.

Watton - This collection has a large number of Catholic clip arts which are presented in a nice interface with larger versions of the images loading on the same page as the collection, so it saves you from clicking back and forth between pages when you are trying to simply look at a larger version of the clip art.

Aphids - This collection offers downloadable zip files of Catholic images and clip arts. It is a nice collection; however, you will need to know how to unzipp the files once you download them so that the image files are extracted.

Timo Art - Timo Art is one of the oldest collections of Catholic and Christian clip arts on the Internet. This collection is categorized and easy to navigate. The clip arts are mainly simple with white backgrounds and monochrome images.

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